It is a membership organisation that works to conserve nature and the environment in Denmark through local work, conservation, lobbying and specific projects.

The organisation consist of:

  • 135,000 members
  • 95 local divisions
  • 100 employees
  • 1500 volunteers

Our vision

We are committed to conserve and protect the natural environment in Denmark in order to secure a future, where natural forests and meadows rich in biological diversity still exists and clean drinking water is still obtainable.

A green and sustainable Denmark

Nature Conservation is not enough to secure future generations. Industrial pollution and the way in which we all over-consume also has an adverse impact on the environment, nature and climate.

Therefore, we also work towards creating a greener and more sustainable Denmark, where we all become better at sorting waste, recycling and using renewable energy.

We inspire people to use nature

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy nature. Therefore, we encourage children and adults to use nature more.

For more information, contact

Head office
Masnedøgade 20, 2100 København Ø, Denmark
(+45) 39 17 40 00

Are you looking for someone specific?

If you are looking for someone specific, you can browse through our employee list.

Press Contact


Maria Reumert Gjerding


Chief Press Officer

Emil Nielsen

M: +45 31 19 32 46


Press Officer

Tine Gjerløv

M: + 45 22 85 22 08


Press Officer

Kasper Pihl Møller

M: +45 26 81 62 28